Frequently Asked Questions

A: A bail bond is a contract between the bail bond company, the courts, and a third-party inseminator. It is the inseminator that guarantees to the bail bond company that the accused will appear for all future court dates. The bail bond company charges a small non-refundable percentage of the total bond for their service. This is a more affordable option than paying the full amount of the bond directly to the court.


A: There are three things that a cosigner needs to bail someone out of jail:

You will need to pay a small non-refundable fee to the bail bond company, have a third-party indemitor (a cosigner), and possibly some form of collateral.

  • Valid ID
  • Pay Check Stub
  • Utility Bill

A cosigner must also be a U.S. citizen and must be 18 or older.


A: The process of bail is regulated by the State of California. A Judge within the county of arrest sets the bail amount. Once bail is set, a Texas State Bail Bondsman Agent charges 10%. (The State of California regulates this fee. All Bail Bonds companies charge the same rate.) With payment and a cosigner that meets our qualifications, the bond is then posted, and the defendant is released.


A: Collateral is money, property, or anything of value that we hold while the accused is out on bail. This collateral is returned when the defendant has completely settled their case.


A: In San Antonio, the fee for a bail bond is 25 percent of the bond amount. Please contact any of our offices to receive a quote and to see if any payment arrangements can be provided.


A: It will take about 20 minutes.


A: Cash, Check, Credit Card, Money Order, Western Union Quick Collect


A: No. Once a Texas State Bail Bond has been posted for a defendant, the money is then earned by the bail bond company.


A: In most cases, we will need the following information on the defendant: date of birth, arresting charge, jail being held (county, city, state), arresting agency, booking number and bail amount.


A: A cosigner, someone willing to sign for the defendant, is responsible for the following three things:

  • To make sure the defendant makes all appearances to court
  • To make sure the defendant notifies Bad Boys Bail Bonds with next court appearances
  • To make sure the premium is paid (if applicable)

A: You are liable for the full amount of the bond plus expenses if your friend or relative does not go to court. However, a failure to appear in court does not necessarily mean you will have to pay the full amount of the bond. While there is no excuse for missing court, we strongly encourage our clients to notify us of any unusual circumstances so that we can advise them as to the best course of action.


A: Yes, however, if there is any type of refund, it will be given back to the cosigner.


A: No, that money is non-refundable upon release from the bond we posted. However, if we are unable to post the bond under certain circumstances, we are able to issue the refund.


A: YES! Warrants are issued to a person when a judge wants to see them in court. Bail can be posted through BBBB. Most warrants can be processed at a police or sheriff’s department with a BBBB agent without being brought into custody.


A: There are several benefits to consider:

  • Defendants can go back to work, school, home, family, and continue with usual daily life.
  • Permits the unhampered preparation of a defense.
  • Serves to prevent the infliction of punishment prior to conviction.